Monday, March 7, 2011

Cairo anyone?

Pattern.  Was inspired by the pyramids and the sunny desert!  My personal favorite so far :)

Packaging ideas and designs.  Remember it will be a journal type of thing! I'm thinking about doing a postcard too? We'll see.

Lip gloss ideas.  Ordering the empty containers this week so they will be legit!

Cairo Illustration.  
I named this one "Daydreams in Cairo" but I don't know if I like it now.  I'll think of some more and see how it goes.  Keeping it for now though!  I've done three so far but haven't showed one because it is undergoing some tweaking at the moment and have started my fourth one.  I've decided I am only doing four illustrations that have packaging ideas and designs and what not so I can finally move to getting these looking like the belong on the shelf! 

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  1. This is looking good! I really like the small hints of blue, excellent choice. I love the way you've been handling the line work in the backgrounds, it's looking very resolved.